Drone Repair

Drone crash and damage repair.  Servicing all major drone brands.


Firmware Upgrade / Installation

Firmware upgrades or new component installation.
crashed drones repaired
 Drone Repair


Drone Repair


Drop Off Or Shipping Questions?

Call Mike Starley at: 678-425-8038

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Hello.  My name is Michael Starley…

I have been an FAA Certified drone pilot since 2015, providing footage for clients such as Lake Lanier Islands, Troncolli of Cumming, Kia of Athens and various real estate companies.  After dealing with the manufacturer of my drone, I became discouraged by the lack of customer service.  So I put my 18 years of experience installing linear accelerators to work in the drone repair field.

Being an Aerial Photographer, I understand what fellow pilots need and expect and offer fellow drone pilots a quality drone repair service.  I am confident that I will win your trust and aim to give pilots in the Aerial Photography Community a quality driven solution.

Thank you,


This service includes a complete inspection of your aircraft to determine any issues and needed fixes. Once the inspection is complete our technical team will contact you and give you an estimate of repair cost and needed parts. If you approve the repairs, personaldronerepair.com will complete them , re-calibrate your uav, and test fly it before sending it back to you.

Step 1:

Crash or want to upgrade up your drone?

Step 2:

Order the initial upgrade $100.0 or repair service $65.0 diagnosis .

Step 3:

Receive email with instructions on how to send us your drone.

Step 4:

Once we received your drone, we send you an email showing pics of what was received and begin diagnosis .

Step 5: 

After diagnosing the drone , we will contact you about the cost of repair . Total repair cost is Labor + Parts .  No work will be performed until after customer approval .

Step 6:

Once you approve , the diagnosis fee will be waived and your drone will be brought back to life . If you do not accept , we charge a $65 diagnostic fee and your drone will be mailed back to you .

( Customer Pays For Shipping )

Step 7

When you approve , we will fix your drone and perform a test flight to confirm.

Step 8:

After testing , you’ll receive an email with a link to pay online

Step 9:

You receive your drone and you’re flying again.


Customer pays for shipping.

$100.0 repair fee covers the first 1 hour of repair and testing . Additional labor will be billed at $70/hr. plus parts.

***Please Note*** Personal Drone Repair. or its technicians cannot be held liable for any future crashes or failed parts that may occur after the multi rotor has left our shop. All repairs are FULLY tested before leaving our shop.  Repairs must be paid within 30 days of invoice or they are subject to being resold.

If you are sending in your drone please include your remote controller.